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Sailing An Orange Slice On A Punch Bowl Sea and Coffee Geekery

You know you’re about to have a bit of a bizarre experience when you’re asked if you’ve recently suffered from discharging ears. I suppose all sorts of odd precautions are necessary when you’re about to float across a punch bowl full of 4,000 liters of cocktail. WOOHOO! PUNCH IN YOUR FACE.

I got to visit the amazing Architectural Punch Bowl by Bompas & Parr last week and wrote it up for Wired UK here.

I also got to interview my favorite coffee maker and World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies and coffee roaster/ex-World Barista Champion Jim Hoffman for a piece on coffee geekery as well! So much cool sh*t going on here in London.

Some more photos from the Punch Bowl after the jump…

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Chocolate Cars, Pacman Pizza, and the Cutest Bento Boxes on the Planet.

I’ve put together a photo gallery called Play With Your Food for Wired UK! It features my favorite examples of geek gastronomy like a seven-patty-stack-of-heart-attack Whopper in honor of Windows 7, the most adorable Super Smash Brothers bento box, and an absolutely amazing stop-motion video at the end. It will BLOW. YOUR.MIND. You’ll have to go to the site to watch it, but sneak preview screenshot here:

Pizza eat ghost. Me eat pizza. Want pizza now…

Ok, while I go eat pizza, you go check out the gallery and leave a comment because you luuurrrve me and want Wired to keep me around. Mmm. Pizza.

Food Geeking It Out With Wired UK and Deep Fried Short Ribs

A little bit of excitement…I’m writing some food geek articles for Wired UK! I’m really thankful for such a cool opportunity to write about all things edible, techie, innovative, and just deliciously awesome for the website of one of the most kickass magazines in the biz .  My first article on space-age sous-vide cooking and perfect steaks published yesterday (go read it!) and I’ll be honest, I’m kinda geeked out about it.  Also a little freaked out about it.  It’s a big step from rambling about whatever I want here to writing for a really popular site with tons of readers and an editor.  Like I’m kind of embarassed to have forgotten to mention how to finish off the perfect steak, as pointed out by my astute and carnivorous friend Dan: ‘the best part of good steak is the char on the outside and there ain’t no char in the water jar, na’am sane?’

He’s poetic too.

As I told Dan and should have mentioned in the article, once you pull the steak out of the water oven, you slap it on a grill or in a pan on high heat and get a good sear. Mmmmmmmmmmm perfect steak. Writing the article made me want my own sous-vide machine, but since I can’t afford the one I referenced I might just have to make my own like the awesome one below from the author of the droolworthy food blog Inuyaki (and his Flickr photos here)

home sous vide machine

A hacked together machine like that made this:

sous vide short ribs

Forget finishing off your steak on the grill when you can DEEP FRY it. Umm…Deep Fried Short Ribs?, you ask?  Yup. Those beauties above were ‘cooked in a 135F/57.2C waterbath for 48 hours and then deep fried in 360F vegetable oil for a few minutes to crisp up the skin.’ Oh holy crap. Want steak now. Inuyaki, your food geek innovation is making me drool all over my keyboard.

Food + Geek  x  Creativity(Innovation) = YUM.