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'food, and how we approach it, is life and death to me'

david chang, chef/owner of the momofuku family of restaurants, in new york, is funny and awesome and makes orgasmically tasty pork buns. i want him to be my friend and make me whole pork butts. also, he reminds me of my brother.

andy! irene! let’s hit the pork at momofuku!


(via serious eats)

speaking of cheese wheels… (huh?!)

Mei’s photo of those beautiful wheels of cheese reminds me of something I saw in passing the other day: an episode of the Amazing Race, taking place in Switzerland, with a task that involves carrying super heavy cheese wheels down a really steep hill.

In other words, cheese+steepness+Switzerland+little wooden carrying devices= yes.

Also, there is an amazing Asian-American brother-sister lawyer duo. Yes, they both went to Harvard Law. Yes, they are both gorgeous. Yes, they are Asian American. Yes, they kick the ass off this challenge. Yes, they are super sweet, and even fight rather nicely, as far as we can tell. Yes, Mei and I are the next reality tv show ass-kicking Asian sibling team. Glad you asked.

The goods: