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it's always sunny in scandinavia, part two: southern sweden

summer in southern sweden – no matter what time you wake up, it’s sunny. there’s also a chance that when you fall asleep it’ll be sunny. if you go to a wedding and drink with your cousins until 6am, it is possible that you will be awake for all 18 and a half hours of sunlight that day and more. or so i’m told.

just picked strawberries

the long hours of sunlight in southern sweden are also responsible for these freshly picked strawberries, pulled off the plants just mere hours before being displayed temptingly on the breakfast table. the number one guest house in lund, (so named for its address at Studentgatan 1 but also cause it’s awesome) puts on a mouthwatering breakfast smorgasbord every morning, including freshly baked bread, local cheese, yogurt and muesli, homemade orange marmalade with a spicy ginger kick, and excellent swedish coffee.

orange ginger marmalade

you can fill up your plate and head outside to sit in the lush green backyard where it’s obviously going to be sunny, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. i could definitely get used to this.

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