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i'm moving into borough market and never coming back: the first saturday

borough market sign

if you didn’t realize this already, i have a deep-seated and somewhat obsessive love for markets.  luckily, i appear to have moved to the world capital of excellent markets here in london. i’ve already mentioned the broadway market and the columbia road flower market, both located within a convenient five minute-long hungover shuffle from my flat.  the next few posts will discuss  other recent weekend marketing visits: the incredible foodie nirvana of borough market and the international eating paradise of the sunday upmarket at the old truman brewery off brick lane.  i’ve already raved about a few highlights from each (toasted cheese ridiculousness and pud baps) and i have a number of upcoming posts about specific stalls/stores but i’d like to give a broader overview so you know how much amazingness is going to come at you when you come visit me. right fam? WHEN YOU COME VISIT ME. that means book tickets now.

we’ll start with borough market. there is such a ridiculous amount of amazingness at this place that it’s almost overwhelming.  luckily, just one toasted cheese sandwich to the face and i can take on anything. i’ll start with my first weekend there with fellow go gamers chris and sasha. we got there a bit too late to take on the toasted cheesiness, so we cheered ourselves up by eating pizza sandwiches. yes, it’s pizza AND a sandwich.

pizza sandwich stall

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