Grillin' out in the summertime.

Little sister here. I’ve been busy with work and training and keeping track of kiddies, but not too busy to eat a tasty meal every now and then. Here are some pictures from our most recent grillstravaganza, which left our bellies full of portobello mushroom, grape tomatoes, shrimp, pineapple, zucchini, italian sausage, and homegrown asparagus. New aspiration: some time in the future, a summer of grill-only cooking (griddles allowed, of course). It might even be more energy efficient than regular stovetop cooking. Thoughts, anyone?

4634_1123649851607_1237920005_30480055_5511023_nWheelbarrows make great outdoor tables, especially because the tiny countertops on either side of the grill don’t really do justice to all the food we cook. We learned our lesson last time when a precariously placed package of precious italian pork sausage (fist pump for alliteration!) toppled to the ground.

4634_1123650051612_1237920005_30480060_3634936_nSome kabobbed shrimp and tomatoes. The shrimp are great with pesto, or just a little salt and pepper, and the tomatoes get super juicy on the grill.

4634_1123650611626_1237920005_30480074_4458444_nA combination of Barbara Bartholomew’s homegrown asparagus (the skinny long ones) and Wegman’s asparagus, lightly seasoned and about to be grilled to perfection.

4634_1123650451622_1237920005_30480070_3694346_nClose-up. The sausage has a weird sheen going on here, but don’t worry, it was delicious.

4634_1123650211616_1237920005_30480064_1745371_nPineapple marinating in maple syrup, lime juice, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and brown sugar. The grill marks these fellas get are ridiculous.

4634_1123649891608_1237920005_30480056_3741707_nSausage. No other explanation necessary, methinks.

Thank goodness for summertime! Happy grilling to all.

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  1. mei says:

    yummmmmm. grilled fruit is so good. and barbara’s asparagus looks amazing.

    i want me some upstate new york summertime…

  2. J The S says:

    MMMMM. shit looks marvelous, where’s my plate?

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