gay meat, sexytime, ultimate jelly, and the wobble

i woke up this morning to two delightful emails from friends with links to new york times food articles.

my wonderful and equally food obsessed friend olivia sent me this piece on goat meat.  any nytimes article that references borat, bra-biting, satanic disney characters, and goat as aphrodisiac gets two thumbs and an inflatable goat leg up from me. henry alford, you are f*cking funny. below, a simultaneously dopey and satanic jungle lamb:


dude, you may look ridiculous, but you make dope ass west indian curry wrapped in roti. mmmm.

from nadja, my mimosa fairy godmother of dolores park, this awesome article on insanely humungous, detailed, large-scale, architecturally inspired jello molds made by these two jolly looking british guys:


how could hanging with those dudes not be immense amounts of fun? jelly boys, i’m heading to london in two weeks, and i will make you my friends.  i will erect castle cakes next to your gelatin airports and steeples and we shall be the gods  of our edible world.


all photos thanks to the nytimes

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  1. irene says:

    I finally read this post and you are hilarious. Hopefully you’ll acquire a Jelly Boys outfit to match your new friends’.

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