short ribs. braised in chimay. piled onto grilled cheese. daaaaaaamn.

i almost forgot: the austin grilled cheese invitational is taking place this weekend! i’m hoping to go for a replay of the grilled cheesey wonder of the dolores park san francisco invitational, but clearly we‘ll be pretty busy rolling around the streets of austin with the RVIP Lounge and Karaoke Cabaret. yes folks, it’s a shiny happy karaoke and rock band party on wheels.

in case i can’t make it to the competition, i’m happy knowing i had one of the best grilled cheeses of my life last night: kwame’s slow roasted short rib and cave-aged gruyere masterpiece.  as clayton said, it was a serious mouthful of oral orgasm. more on kwame’s four courses of amazing later,  plane taking off (we were downed with a medical emergency in the industrial wasteland of lubbock, tx), but i’ll give you some food porn to enjoy for now…


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