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Adventures in Newcastle: Beautiful Views, Beautiful Tarts, and Beautiful Things Involving Goat Cheese

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip up to Newcastle upon Tyne for The Go Game and there were so many beautiful things to see in the city.

Beautiful Thing #1: The view of the River Tyne, including the Tyne Bridge and the Millenium Bridge, from the Viewing Box of the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

And the reverse view of the BALTIC, an old flour mill, from the Millenium Bridge. If you happen to be anywhere near Newcastle, go see Damien Hirst’s fascinating exhibition Pharmacy and marvel at the view.

Beautiful Thing #2: The plum tart from the charming and brand new six-week-old BUEE Cafe and Bistro at Side Cinema.  I actually didn’t eat it; we went for the pecan pie and the raspberry cheesecake baked by the chef-husband of the proprietor-wife instead – more on that in a bit – but it’s a thing of beauty all the same.

Beautiful Thing #3: The goat cheese and roasted vegetable pizzaiola from Cafe Royal, a gem of a cafe amidst the shops of the city centre featuring artisanal bread from their own bakery.

So much to see in Newcastle and so much to eat! Let’s take a closer look at our two exciting foodie finds…

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chicken coops, award-winning bread, and buffalo milk at the organic food festival

saturday was a pretty eventful day.  chris and i got up at 6am, hopped a train to sunny bristol, ran a Go Game at igfest, then jumped out of a plane and parachuted straight into the organic food festival. okay, that last part is entirely untrue. but we got asked about 20 times if we had skydived directly to bristol, clad as we were in our unbelievably attractive trademark orange jumpsuits while wandering around the largest organic showcase in europe.

entering the organic food festival

it was one of those magical instances where the forces of nature align at the precise moment to allow for our attendance at the festival.  not only did it happen to be in the right city at the exact time we were already traveling there for work, but the massive marketplace of food activities was situated about 20 feet from our game location. ridiculous. thanks to the organic foodie gods smiling upon us, we got to tour the many stalls of farmers, bakers, ice cream makers, olive oil producers, brewers, and so much more.  most importantly, we got to eat lot of stuff. delicious stuff. stuff like this clown smile of cheese from the bath soft cheese company.

the bath soft cheese company

i am going to make my way to Bath (pronounced bawwth) just to eat more of this cheese.  sadly i don’t remember the name, but i think it might just be the fantastically named Wyfe of Bath, described on their website as ’succulent and bouncy.’  ahahaha. are they taking the piss? did chaucer write their copy?  hilarious.

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pieminister pies from cup in manchester: yes, pies are nice.

heidi pie at cup in manchester

hello and welcome to mushy peas on pie on mash.  and cup. woohoo!

in manchester for a go game last week, chris and i wandered the galleries, shops, and restaurants of the northern quarter and stumbled upon this lovely little cafe named cup.  sunny, warm, and colorful, this cafe/gallery space/t-shirt and print shop/vintage tea set seller turned out to be the perfect place to hang for a bit before our train. and most importantly, the perfect place to eat PIE.

cup sells pies from pieminister, a fantastic company making ‘a really good pie from proper stuff.’ i’d seen their pies at borough market as well as at a supercool pietrailer in islington and had always wanted to try one. i finally got my chance at cup with the ‘heidi’ pie – goat cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion, and roasted garlic in, as they call it, a lovely pastry. it’s a british pie award champion! oooh. i also plan to try their varieties with thai green curry, wild mushroom & asparagus, and chorizo & olives extremely soon. mmmmmmmmmmm.

i had mine with salad on a geometrically printed tabletop.

heidi pie with salad

mmm. buttery, flaky pastry crust surrounding toasty warm vegetables tastes like fires in the fireplace and fuzzy slippers. comfortable and homey. Read the full article »