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a brief interlude of cupcake glorification: violet cupcakes at broadway market are lovely bites of heaven

cupcake closeups

this  post is all about the best cupcakes i’ve had so far in london. i took kellin to visit the adorable and wonderful broadway market during her last hour in london before returning to italy. stuffed from our borough market visit, we brokenheartedly turned down wild mushroom risotto, ghanaian food, and roast hog with crackling sandwiches. but we decided to treat ourselves to ONE mini cupcake because they were so ridiculously cute, and obviously brownie mountains and fresh strawberries with jersey cream were not quite enough dessert for the morning.

so we stopped at the happy stall of violet cakes and bought the enticing rhubarb and rosewater mini cupcake, a pale  pink and perfectly formed little turkish dome of dessert.  it was, quite honestly, ethereally delicious. so light and smooth yet so intensely flavored, like having the essence of rose petals in your mouth. such a tiny bite yet such a concentrated burst of taste! we promptly returned and bought another.

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An Organic Box Scheme (A British Take on Community Supported Agriculture)

sup peeps. some of you might already know that i write sporadically for a site called Eat.Drink.Better, an awesome website on real, sustainable food that is part of Green Options Media. GO Media is a green blog network that recently became a part of Virgance, co-founded by a great friend and super-all-around amazing guy, Brent Schulkin. here’s a post i wrote for Eat.Drink.Better a few weeks ago that i’d like to share here. [shameless self promotion warning!] even better, you can click here to read it on their site to support EDB and make me rich to the tune of about .0000001 cents per click.  fund my cheese sandwich addiction! loooove mei.


I feel like I’ve finally settled a little here in London now that I am the proud recipient of an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme from a local company called Growing Communities. These box schemes are the equivalent of what we call Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes in the States. As other writers have mentioned on Eat.Drink.Better, it’s a great way to support local farmers and have good produce around to eat!

I feel blessed to live in the same area as Growing Communities, because it means I get access to their boxes of local and organic fruits and veg (the nickname everyone gives to vegetables here). You have to live or work in the neighborhood of Hackney in order to be a part of the scheme, which I’ll explain below. Their box scheme is particularly cool for a couple of reasons: Read the full article »

family cupcake hotness


irene and lauren looking SAUCY. only second in attractiveness to a Duoseptuagenuple Stuf Oreo.


jasongraphix, you’re my hero.

sweet dreams – a cupcake's story

irene, you’re going to love this. the following video by kristen lepore via serious eats is an absolutely incredible stop-motion movie about a lonely cupcake who leaves behind his frosted sugar world for a paradise of leafy vegetables and falls in love with a butternut squash.  i’m impressed by stop-motion animation no matter what (it’s one of those phenomena that i will always appreciate but never really understand how it works, sort of like airplanes), but i love her creations of icecream cone trees and kale and bok choy forests and sugar cube buildings. it’s also an allegory for returning to the natural world and the fallibility of artificially man-made (or cupcake-made) creations, but most importantly, it features (gasp!) inter-food group sex. i never thought it would make me feel awkward to see a cupcake get naked, but the emotion expressed by her food creatures will just slay you, for reals.