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it's always sunny in scandinavia, part one: copenhagen

i recently spent a day in copenhagen with my mother on the way to sweden for my cousin sarah’s wedding. we took a boat ride through the canals, meandered through the cobblestoned streets, and ate lots of  traditional danish cuisine, i.e. colorful things stacked atop one another often involving bread, a mayonnaise-y type of sauce and some form of seafood. don’t worry, it’s way more delicious than it sounds and often very aesthetically pleasing. this concoction is certainly unlike any other chicken and bacon sandwich i’ve ever seen.

chicken and bacon sandwich

copenhagen, didn’t you know that bacon sandwiches are supposed to be greasy artery-clogging messes and not bountiful gardens of vegetal delight? no seriously, i kid because i love you and your incredibly moist curried chicken.

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