Our Philosophy

this page is slowly being constructed. for now, a few meandering thoughts which may someday be arranged into a more easily digestible format.

we try, whenever possible, to eat food that has been ethically or sustainably produced. these two words can mean many different things to different people. for us, this means that we do our best to purchase and consume food that has been grown, harvested, raised, or created with respect and care for the producers, the environment, and the food itself.  ideally, this would involve fair trade, good wages, and health care for farm workers or slaughterhouse employees or coffee bean growers. it could also include organic production to minimize pesticide usage and environmental destruction. in addition, it should include meat from animals raised in comfortable non-industrial conditions that are well treated with respect and consideration throughout their lives. however, food production is a complicated process. buzzwords like ‘organic’ or ‘local’ or ’sustainable’ and even ’slow food’ often fail to portray the full picture behind the food you’re eating.  sometimes producers will focus too heavily on one of those words at the expense of another and it’s hard to tell what’s better for anyone.

we try to pay attention to what we’re eating, but not be overly dogmatic or restrictive about it. however, one philosophy we do really attempt to follow is trying to eat food that has been made by a person and made with love and attention. food that came out of someone’s kitchen, not off an assembly line or out of a test tube in a laboratory.  often, this coincides with trying to eat sustainably and in a way that is conscious of the effect the food production has had on others. but the best part about this style of eating is that it usually means really delicious food. and that’s why we’re writing this blog in the first place. because food is delicious and we want to share it with you.

not literally. it’s ours, and we’re going to eat it. but we will take pictures and share our thoughts. we hope you enjoy them.

m & i

3 Responses

  1. Stephen Plesniak says:

    you should go to the rochelle canteen in arnold circus:


    we met once at a taste of bitter love in hackney road,

    i recommended you went to campania in columbia road, have you done so yet?


  2. mei says:

    hi stephen!

    i definitely remember you, i think that was my first visit to taste of bitter love. now i’m obsessed. i’m sure we’ll run into each other again there sometime since it’s practically a morning ritual now.

    i’ve been wanting to check out rochelle canteen and now will definitely do so. as for campania, i’ve tried to go several times! sadly, it’s always been too busy or closed. but i’m still trying…


  3. i love your blog! it’s so awesome! now i know where to go to find more yummies. :)

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