Sustainable Food Resources

we are veeeery slowly building this. thanks for checking it out!


Eat.Drink. Better – Sustainable Food for a Healthy Lifestyle

a blog chock full of food and environmental information from the sustainable blog network Green Options Media

Civil Eats

a great website that ‘promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems as part of building economically and socially just communities.’ yesyes. we’re all about it.

Fair Food Fight

fair food + mexican wrestling masks = BRING IT ON!!!

Books We Love

Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food

Mark Bittman, Food Matters

Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation

Real World:London (not the TV show)

Growing Communities

an amazing organization in mei’s neighborhood of hackney that runs an all-organic farmer’s market, an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme (CSA box in the US) and does other super cool stuff

Hackney City Farm

a farm! in the city! right near mei’s house! so exciting. they have a donkey and chickens and gardening classes and bike repair classes and an italian cafe and are so awesome it slays me.

more coming soon.

Real World: San Francisco (still not in any way associated with or endorsed by MTV)

La Cocina – an incubator kitchen for minority women entrepreneurs

an amazing organization located in my old stomping grounds (sf mission district) that helps support food businesses owned by minority women and is responsible for some seriously addictive dark chocolate caramelised graham crackers (amongst other deliciousness).

CUESA – the center for urban education about sustainable agriculture

an organization that promotes sustainability and seasonal eating through events and programs. but most importantly, they run the ferry building farmers market. je t’adore…

Real World: Ithaca (now that would actually be a pretty funny setting for a reality TV show)

also coming soon!

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