Introducing Ithaca's Newest Secret Supper Joint: Deadpan Restaurant!

In approximately three weeks, Deadpan Restaurant, Ithaca’s newest secret supper club, will be hosting its first event.

What’s a secret restaurant, you ask? Good thing we already wrote a post on that: big sister lays it down for the uninitiated.

We’ll be serving a three course meal at a to-be-revealed location. Look out for more announcements!

After all, [...]

All The Single Lads, Put Your Hands Up

To paraphrase Beyonce, we’re calling all the single lads!


Rambling Restaurant is looking for some hot male action.  Why, you ask? Do we need a reason? Well, we’ve got one here:

‘Due to popular demand, on Thursday 3rd December & Friday 4th December we are holding a Lone Ramblers’ & Rambling Roses’ Singles [...]

hello londontown! bad airplane food and good things to come.

london! i’ve been here for just about a week now, and finally have some time to post. it’s been a battle against shoddy internet situations and the time suck of running full speed ahead into a towering wall of meticulously reinforced bureaucratic red tape. let’s just say that the process of setting up a business [...]

upcoming: nyc family food tour extravaganza!

the seeeeesters are reunited! irene and i are hanging out in nyc and planning a food tour for the day. first stop – union square greenmarket. also on the agenda – korean fried chicken, soup dumplings, hole-in-the-wall indian food takeout storefronts, cupcakes, falafel, turkish food, and more. anyone who ever said there were three meals [...]

i'm supposed to be working. read other people's stuff.

a few thoughts, with accompanying informative articles:

1. michelle obama is the shit. she promotes healthy, local food, and can take down a cheeseburger.

2. bacon is delicious. the way pork is processed is terrifying.

3. anthony bourdain is coming to the mission! woohoo! i’m not sure how i feel about the accompanying photo, but i am [...]

short ribs. braised in chimay. piled onto grilled cheese. daaaaaaamn.

i almost forgot: the austin grilled cheese invitational is taking place this weekend! i’m hoping to go for a replay of the grilled cheesey wonder of the dolores park san francisco invitational, but clearly we‘ll be pretty busy rolling around the streets of austin with the RVIP Lounge and Karaoke Cabaret. yes folks, it’s a [...]