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The Definitely-Not-Weekly Link Roundup: Remixed Muffins, Rules Worth Following, and SF City Gardens

Link roundups are awesome. At least the happy faced chocolate chip and vanilla citrus  panettone bread pudding from last week’s Rambling Restaurant thinks so. This alleged weekly roundup of link love  is not so weekly – right now, we’re going for bi-monthly. Might get worse. May get better (unlikely).

But anyway, some interesting stuff we’ve been reading:

Is There Enough Food Out There For Nine Billion People? [The New Republic]

San Franciscans Turn Abandoned Lot Into Full-Fledged Farm [Inhabitat]

This is awesome – London has city farms all over the place. More American cities should do this, especially with abandoned unused spaces. Great for food production, community involvement, education, improvement of city aesthetics and urban landscape, and general awesomeness. For more on city farms, see below!

Rules Worth Following, For Everyone’s Sake [The New York Times]

On Michael Pollan. Yeah, we talk about him a lot. But it’s an article worth reading, for everyone’s sake.

Whole Wheat Muffin, the Remix [The New York Times]

Bittman is another foodie fave. I am excited to make this.

And the best interactive/participatory link of the week? Put your money where your mouth is on the urban farming tip. Help fund an amazing San Francisco urban garden (in my old beloved hood of the Mission) on this seriously phenomenal crowdsourced funding site called Kickstarter.

Here’s how it works: You pledge a bit of money to support a really cool project. They only take your money if they get enough funding. In return, you get to support a great idea AND you get something in return. A piece of artwork, dinner, a shoutout in a music video, whatever small piece of the project you helped get off the ground according to the level of your donation. For example, you could get an adorable set of seed packets like these for pledging $25:

Or get a gorgeous set of screen-printed posters by one of the farmers who’s also an artist by donating $250.

You can give as little as $5 or as much as you want.  Everyone wins!  I only wish I could have given $1000 for my very own garden picnic.  Someday…when I’m a baller…

Read all about Little City Gardens: An Experiment in the Economic Viability of Urban Farming.  Support an SF farm!

gay meat, sexytime, ultimate jelly, and the wobble

i woke up this morning to two delightful emails from friends with links to new york times food articles.

my wonderful and equally food obsessed friend olivia sent me this piece on goat meat.  any nytimes article that references borat, bra-biting, satanic disney characters, and goat as aphrodisiac gets two thumbs and an inflatable goat leg up from me. henry alford, you are f*cking funny. below, a simultaneously dopey and satanic jungle lamb:


dude, you may look ridiculous, but you make dope ass west indian curry wrapped in roti. mmmm.

from nadja, my mimosa fairy godmother of dolores park, this awesome article on insanely humungous, detailed, large-scale, architecturally inspired jello molds made by these two jolly looking british guys:


how could hanging with those dudes not be immense amounts of fun? jelly boys, i’m heading to london in two weeks, and i will make you my friends.  i will erect castle cakes next to your gelatin airports and steeples and we shall be the gods  of our edible world.


all photos thanks to the nytimes

i'm in a snuggie, on a boat, and i just f*cked a mermaid.

you may or not be aware of the fact that i am obsessed with snuggies. you also may or not be aware of the fact that i love boats and…t-pain. my worlds have just collided in an epic cosmic explosion.

thank you tall skinny white dude and i-feel-awkward-about-seeing-you-in-your-tighty-whities-big dude.  you’ve just made my morning.

that’s all.

did i really just 'tweet' my breakfast?


hilarious. yes, food blogging is ridiculous. and i love it.

from serious eats from bastholm on twitpic via deep fried kimchee

'food, and how we approach it, is life and death to me'

david chang, chef/owner of the momofuku family of restaurants, in new york, is funny and awesome and makes orgasmically tasty pork buns. i want him to be my friend and make me whole pork butts. also, he reminds me of my brother.

andy! irene! let’s hit the pork at momofuku!


(via serious eats)

honey, we've been meaning to tell you…

so my roommate annie’s birthday isn’t for almost a month, but we’re already discussing cake options.  for some reason, maybe because the other two people in the apartment have both read all four twilight books in the past two weeks  (and maybe one additional leaked sequel online, but no one’s admitting to that), the idea of a red velvet vampire cake was suggested.

hoping to find some pictures of a super hot, barely post-adolescent edward cullen jumping out of a cake, the ever resourceful jess did some googling, and ended up with this gem:


i knew there was a good reason we just got a cat! our seriously socially awkward cat named LD (for larry david) would be PERFECT for this. having already baked a birthday cat cake, i’m excited to take this one on. trust me, gina, he’ll love it. here, kitty kitty…

fuck you, penguin is seriously fucking awesome

not like i was really ‘working’ anyway, but i will not be doing anything else productive today because i have just discovered a blog called fuck you, penguin. it is so awesome that i must pass it on. the writing is snarky genius, and the photos are absolutely amazing, like this one of a cute bunny that actually made me scream out loud in my kitchen because it IS SO FUCKING CUTE.


go forth and waste the next hour of your life catching up on photos of cute animals and the hilarious person telling them what’s what.

vote for greg, the renaissance man with a thing for fishies.

my friend greg worswick is applying for the best job in the world! as the caretaker of the great barrier reef islands. watch his hilarious and amazing video and laugh your ass off. watch again and pick up even more entertaining nuances, like his facial expression when softly stroking a glass tank full of fish and the word CANADA. watch a third time and marvel at his creativity, ingenuity, acting skills, and LUXEMBOURG.  and don’t forget to vote!


food politics and science, culinary movements in brooklyn, and hot men in beards.

i am seriously excited to be going to a discussion on food writing tonight at everyone’s favorite writing workshop/pirate store, 826 valencia. i consider myself lucky to live around the block from this truly unique nonprofit that organizes tutoring, publishing, field trips, and other writing-related educational activities for kids,  and also raises money and tickles your imagination by selling eye patches, lard, swabbing mops, and all sorts of pirate’s bootyliciousness.  tonight’s talk focuses on food politics and science, and features a heavyweight panel of speakers including food world superstar michael pollan. i’m a huge fan of  the omnivore’s dilemma and the botany of desire and find that my values of food and eating are pretty closely aligned with his eater’s manifesto, so i’m super excited to see him in person. the evening will explore these food themes but also cover topics on writing, publishing, and running a successful blog. i actually bought tickets to the event before starting this blog, just because i love the topic, but after tonight prepare for familystyles to be EVEN MORE AWESOME. ha.

speaking of michael pollan references, if you’re looking for some interesting food reading, there’s an awesome article in today’s nytimes on brooklyn’s new culinary movement. it talks about our  ‘culinarily minded generation’ and how all these young people are making thoughtful, honest, straightforward, traditional, anticorporate foods like handmade pickles, cheeses, chocolate, ales, coffees, and knives (okay, that’s not a food, but they are also thoughtfully handmade in brooklyn). in the words of one attractive bearded chocolate making man (what is up with the hot guys and chocolate connection?), it’s “Slow growth, slow design, slow food. Slow, but without being flaky.” yeah, i read pollan and make my own ricotta, but these guys are seriously dedicated. can’t wait to see for myself as i eat my way through brooklyn in a few weeks…

speaking of cheese wheels… (huh?!)

Mei’s photo of those beautiful wheels of cheese reminds me of something I saw in passing the other day: an episode of the Amazing Race, taking place in Switzerland, with a task that involves carrying super heavy cheese wheels down a really steep hill.

In other words, cheese+steepness+Switzerland+little wooden carrying devices= yes.

Also, there is an amazing Asian-American brother-sister lawyer duo. Yes, they both went to Harvard Law. Yes, they are both gorgeous. Yes, they are Asian American. Yes, they kick the ass off this challenge. Yes, they are super sweet, and even fight rather nicely, as far as we can tell. Yes, Mei and I are the next reality tv show ass-kicking Asian sibling team. Glad you asked.

The goods: