Read This Now: Introducing the Weekly Link Roundup

After spending an unprecendented 3+ weeks in each other’s company, Irene Bean and I have come up with some exciting plans and goals to make this FamilyStyles blog a more delicious, useful, educational, entertaining and altogether excellent place to spend your time.

I’m in the process of migrating the blog over to another server, [...]

Sailing An Orange Slice On A Punch Bowl Sea and Coffee Geekery

You know you’re about to have a bit of a bizarre experience when you’re asked if you’ve recently suffered from discharging ears. I suppose all sorts of odd precautions are necessary when you’re about to float across a punch bowl full of 4,000 liters of cocktail. WOOHOO! PUNCH IN YOUR FACE.

I got to visit the [...]

Chocolate Cars, Pacman Pizza, and the Cutest Bento Boxes on the Planet.

I’ve put together a photo gallery called Play With Your Food for Wired UK! It features my favorite examples of geek gastronomy like a seven-patty-stack-of-heart-attack Whopper in honor of Windows 7, the most adorable Super Smash Brothers bento box, and an absolutely amazing stop-motion video at the end. It will BLOW. YOUR.MIND. You’ll have to [...]

Two Excellent Articles On Improving American Food (and my relationship to childhood obesity)

Some seriously excellent articles I’ve just encountered:

1. Avoiding Factory Farms: An Eater’s Guide, by Nicolette Hahn Niman

2. Good Food Nation, by Peter Dizikes of the MIT News Office

Seriously, go read them. Or if you just want me to summarize, click after the jump for brief overviews, some additional thoughts, and an [...]

Food Geeking It Out With Wired UK and Deep Fried Short Ribs

A little bit of excitement…I’m writing some food geek articles for Wired UK! I’m really thankful for such a cool opportunity to write about all things edible, techie, innovative, and just deliciously awesome for the website of one of the most kickass magazines in the biz .  My first article on space-age sous-vide cooking and [...]

Great Food Articles Written By Other People

I’m in a moment of consumption rather than production.  I have some cool Rambling Restaurant posts coming once I get ahold of some photos/get my act together, but more importantly, I’ve been busy reading a lot of amazing food articles that I want to share.’s baker’s dozen of provocateurs, trendsetters, and rabblerousers in food. Butchers, [...]

my favorite food reads, julia child's life in france, and the 'how not to cookbook'

i love reading food books. i love personal accounts and memoirs by famous chefs and food critics, and especially by ambitious, funny, and self-deprecating amateurs that just love food. i love food-related non-fiction like works on the history of salt or the changing role of sushi in america or how cooking made us human. [...]

Two Absolute Must-Read Food Related Articles

just wanted to pass along two of the best food-related articles i’ve read in a very long time. they’re both fascinating for VERY different reasons and i highly recommend reading.

first off, the fantastic blog obama foodorama covers michelle obama’s amazingly enlightened, proactive, honest, and progressive stance on food justice, food policies, school lunches, gardening, nutrition, [...]

gay meat, sexytime, ultimate jelly, and the wobble

i woke up this morning to two delightful emails from friends with links to new york times food articles.

my wonderful and equally food obsessed friend olivia sent me this piece on goat meat.  any nytimes article that references borat, bra-biting, satanic disney characters, and goat as aphrodisiac gets two thumbs and an inflatable goat leg [...]

(mis)adventures in early morning pancake experimentation

it’s been a lot of fun, a lot of crazy, a lot of alcohol, a lot of 3am jump roping with a crowd of 100 drunk people on 6th street, and very little sleep here at sxsw. for some reason, i’m up at 8am doing some pancake experimentation with my buddy orion, age 10.

so far, [...]