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family style (adj, adv, n, all of the above):

a) a method of serving a meal, especially in chinese food, where group dishes are placed on a table and shared by all eaters.  generally includes reaching across the table, self-serving, thievery with chopsticks, and the always-adventurous rotating lazy susan.

b) the best way to eat, no matter where or when or what kind of food. you try a bit of our food, we’ll try a bit of yours, and everyone’s happy.

c) a blog about food, family, good eating, kitchen experimentation, real and sustainable food, and more.  a way for two sisters to keep in touch across three thousand miles, share recipes and amazing food discoveries, and generally be a lazy susan passing around tasty tidbits of interesting things.  mmmmmmm.


who are we? mei (on the left) lives in london, where she runs an office of her company, The Go Game. her job consists of running technology-fueled urban adventure games all over the the UK and Europe while sampling tasty foods from multiple countries. she spends her free time in london visiting lots of farmers markets, experimenting with focaccia baking, and stepping into the wonderful world of british breakfast. she also helps produce secret suppers with the rambling restaurant, a roaming underground supper club. before london, she lived in san francisco and entertained herself by rolling bacon sushi, scarfing down mission burritos, creating truffled bacon mac-n-cheese cat cakes, and working saturdays at the fabulous ferry building farmer’s market. she’s  interested in exploring issues of sustainability in food and figuring out how to eat and live in an affordable, ethical and delicious way.  to this end, she sporadically writes for a green food blog called eat.drink.better and is always trying to learn more about fair food.  if you’re ever curious as to the most recent thing she has put in her mouth, you can catch up with her international eating adventures on twitter.

irene (aka bean, on the right) resides in the lovely city of ithaca, new york, where she plays a lot of bananagrams, works on social justice issues, and bakes a crapload of pies. she’s interested in grass-fed beef, education, sociology, Asian-American studies, bacon, and cheese. she spent a semester of high school at an awesome program called the mountain school, on an organic farm in the green mountains of vermont, and that’s where she learned the joys of farm work, sugaring and making maple syrup, sheep-birthing, and eating fresh food from fields and backyards.

the sisters are originally from boston, massachusetts, where they were raised on home-cooked Chinese-American-everything-else fusion family dinners. their brother has worked many years in the restaurant business, and their paternal grandparents owned and operated a chinese restaurant in white plains, new york, that was one of the first to serve peking duck (yum) in the US. they are all about serving and eating family style, having enjoyed many a chinese banquet with massive amounts of relatives crowded around big circular tables, spinning tasty dishes around a lazy susan for all to share.

this is their family food blog.

follow us on  Twitter or contact us at familystyles [at] googlemail [dot] com and say hi!

11 Responses

  1. Amber says:

    Howdy – I ran across your tasty blog while hunting for veggie meals that are under $10. Would you be interested in letting me reprint your udon soup recipe in our little newsletter? It’s a free publication, so I couldn’t pay you, but it would delight our readers. I’m sure. Peace (and peas), Amber

  2. mei says:

    of course, amber, i’d be honored! please feel free to reprint it, and i hope everyone enjoys the veggie soup!

  3. seiji says:

    your me-so-hungry post was pretty dead-on, if a little less judgmental than my politically correct proclivities allows, but they are a devastatingly adorable mother-daughter duo!

  4. foodtruthandbeauty says:

    1. I love this blog. I love it.
    2. I am ridiculously passionate about food and interested in sustainable methods and a little silly, which furthers my love for your blog.
    3. I have always dreamed of living in London or Paris or Jerusalem or Rome. I would love to know what inspired you to make the leap. Seriously.
    4. I work on designing experiences and managing events, and one of my largest is a 13K person conference in Atlanta, GA called Catalyst. In fact, I believe the founder of KIVA is speaking at the event this year (saw on your site that you guys are teaming up). I would love to know more about what your company does and see if it would be something we could do at Catalyst. Can you email me? :)
    5. I dream of having an underground supper club in Atlanta (or where ever I live). Perhaps I want to be just like you when I grow up!

  5. mei says:

    amanda, you’ve just made my day! writing you an email now.

    thanks so so much,

  6. Hi Mei and Irene…I was in London this weekend and my friend let me in on the new secret…underground dining! When there’s a will, there’s a way and when there’s a need, people get creative. Fantastic

  7. Myra Sabir says:

    Delightful! :-) A reach across the table, across cultures, across borders… I hope to find myself at an underground dinner soon! Love, Myra

  8. Myra Sabir says:

    Oh, and hello to Irene! :-)

  9. Lisa says:

    Hi, Mei and Irene,

    Wow! This is amazing! Mei, why didn’t you tell me about this when I saw you last summer? I love your writing and who does the photography?

    To think, I can remember when it seemed you would happily eat canned chicken noodle soup three times a day–with perhaps a Granny Smith apple for variety!

  10. mei says:

    Thanks Lisa! I do a lot of the writing and photography and Irene jumps in whenever she has time from all the 80 gabajillion activities she’s doing in Ithaca.

    Mmm I do still love chicken soup, but now I like to make it myself! And I think you helped us develop our love for home baking…I helped make nine pies this Thanksgiving! And we made pie crust cookies on the side with cinnamon and sugar, just like you always did…

  11. Vicky says:

    Was looking for a veggie meal and I must say, this blog is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. You two rock! *bows*

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