farm tours with the hackney hostel: the biggest of pigs and the manliest of donkeys

hackney city farm is home to some of the most delicious food and some of the most entertaining residents in london.  i’d venture to say that this farm visit, consisting of a little breakfast eating and a little animal ogling with chris, drewstew, becky, and lexi, also resulted in the some of the most entertaining photos i’ve taken in london. how’s that for some superlative action? i think you might have to agree with me though, when you see photos like this one of  lexi with a SERIOUSLY BIG ASS PIG.

lexi and the pig

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. hilarious. i also really like this photo of everyone pensively regarding the duck that just waddled into their midst.  andrew in particular looks very marky mark while lexi is either running away or doing the chicken dance.

visiting hackney city farm with becky drew and lexi

another strong contender in the best picture category is this glamour shot of larry the donkey. now, it’s totally natural life on the farm and not really NSFW, but just so you’re forewarned…

larry the boy donkey

larry, as you might notice, is most definitely a dude donkey. lexi and i walked up and were like, oh hi donkey… whoa…hey…you are definitely a boy donkey…oh, now you can’t tell anymore…oh HELLO again…damn, that is insane!…ummm…what exactly are you looking at, donkey? seriously larry, chill out, there are kids around.

and by kids, i mean lexi and i stood and watched larry the donkey for about ten minutes, giggling furiously the whole time because we’re so mature like that.

i love going to the farm, partially because i am generally amused every time i encounter a farm animal. however, my favorite part about being at the farm is seeing the excitement and wonder and trepidation and curiousity on kid’s faces when they interact with the animals.  i think it’s important that children have an understanding of where their food is coming from and that they’re eating living, breathing creatures that deserve care and respect.  it makes me so happy that a place like hackney city farm exists where people can get a glimpse of the connection between the sources of their food – both in the garden that supplies the restaurant and animals like the ones they might be eating – and the meal on the table.  city farms – so great! the U.S. needs more of them, like will allen and his amazing growing power organization, which runs the only urban farm in the city of milwaukee.  read more about will and his incredible work in the new york times magazine – i think he’s absolutely incredible and the work that he does is so important.  someday perhaps i will preside over my own urban farm…

pimms cup with lexi

we followed the farm trip with a fabulously it’s-summer-in-england pitcher of pimm’s in the courtyard of the royal oak, one of my favorite local pubs (they make an amazing warm aubergine salad with pomegranate seeds).  their  pimm’s  cup is the best i’ve had, with house-made lemonade and a cornucopia of fresh fruits like apples, pears, strawberries, as well as crisp fresh cucumber and sprigs of mint. nothing like enjoying a leisurely afternoon on a beautiful day with friends in town from afar and a big refreshing pitcher of something delightfully cold and alcoholic.

hooray for pimm’s with fresh fruit, for sitting outside in the sunshine, for farms  and favorite people and funny animals.  hooray summer in london!

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  1. Jonny says:

    Summer in London is great – smiling people, lots of sitting around & eating outside and the need to quench that thirst with a cold beverage – glad that you are enjoying it!

  2. Amit says:

    Regarding photo of Lexi doing chicken walk, please draw your attention to–g

  3. Jon W says:

    Hi Lexi, this is your blog? haha. This is Jon from upper playground, remember me?! I have this blog in my rss feed, and saw the pics, and was like, Hey! I know her!

    Whats been up?

    Disregard if it isn’t.

  4. mei says:

    wooow small world! i’m mei, and lexi is my cousin! crazy. i’ll let her know you say hi. i used to live in SF and i miss it terribly…

  5. Jon W says:

    yeah, crazy.

    Hi Mei, forgot how I found your blog, but probably through another food website, good blog.

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