Two Absolute Must-Read Food Related Articles

just wanted to pass along two of the best food-related articles i’ve read in a very long time. they’re both fascinating for VERY different reasons and i highly recommend reading.

first off, the fantastic blog obama foodorama covers michelle obama’s amazingly enlightened, proactive, honest, and progressive stance on food justice, food policies, school lunches, gardening, nutrition, health, and the dangers of processed and fast food. she even talks about food deserts, a really important issue not given nearly enough attention. so glad that someone prominent, visible, and well-liked is discussing these topics.  and she does it without sounding preachy or elitist, just as someone concerned about all these important issues that happen to be inextricably interrelated. obama foodorama calls her ‘the new leader of america’s food movement’ and i’m psyched about it. so obsessed with her…

secondly, you must read this article from my hometown boston globe on…[grilled cheese]. just do it. then read the comments. all 300+ of them. seriously. chris and i spent at least two hours doing so last week, and i laughed, cried, ranted, railed, and generally just shook my head in amazement at the ingenuity/hilarity/stupidity of humankind.

once you read that, you’ll know why i’m slightly disturbed to have made grilled cheese for money, and for my whole office:)

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