hackney is famous (for coffee AND royal visits). plus, latte animal art!


i have had some truly fantastic coffee in london so far. favorites have been tina, we salute you and taste of bitter love, which apparently both source beans from square mile coffee. this place roasts beans in our postal code, E2. WHAT UP, HACKNEY!!

speaking of hackney pride, who else loves hackney? PRINCE CHARLES AND CAMILLA DO. my friends seth, becky, and i tried to go next door to frizzante at hackney city farms for coffee and breakfast today, but we got upstaged by a visit from the royal family. sheesh. we saw a dude in a suit and some serious gold bling around his neck walk into the cafe (like massive official medal style, not flavor flav style) and asked what was going on. the policemen in their funny hats wouldn’t tell us who exactly was there, but said all the hubbub was for a royal visit from someone who is very ‘new age.’ seth happened to know that the prince of wales is doing cool stuff with farming and slow food, which i’m excited to learn more about. then another cop didn’t actually ‘confirm’ that it was prince charles, but…sort of did. if this were the US we probably would have gotten our asses beat down by secret service already.  anyway, turned away from coffee on a farm with the prince, we went to bitter love instead and had an awesome warm and caramelly mascarpone apricot tart and drowned our sorrows in a perfect flat white.

in case you’re wondering where i learned about square mile and locally roasted coffee beans, it’s because i met GWILYM! yes, gwilym of world barista champion fame, who turns out to be a very nice man and not a white-robed resident of middle earth. oh and as if he couldn’t be more awesome, he lives on a boat. we chatted coffee and london for a while at his cart at the truly wonderful sunday columbia road flower market. more about that later. for now, you can just see in the top photo where i had a very good espresso on the left and a very good bacon butty on the right. talk about a one stop shop.

it’s time to leave the bar where we’ve been poaching free wi-fi (and i ate an awesome pork belly, crunchy black pudding and poached egg ’salad’) but i’ll leave you with this awesome animal latte art since we’ve been talking coffee. i may be a huge nerd, but i was riveted for the whole 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

loooooove mei


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  1. seth says:

    It was awesome to see you! Thanks for showing us such a great time.

    I also noticed that British people have a strange relationship with the word “salad.” Sometimes, it is a total head-fake — like my salmon salad that was literally just some lox on a plate. Other times, though, they are way more honest than Americans (see “chicken mayonaise” and “egg mayonaise”).

    I spent part of my morning commute thinking about that awesome steak tartare — kind of a weird thing to do at 9AM. That’s when I realized that I’m still stuck on British time.

  2. jess says:

    ok, so the pig was ridiculous – I honestly didn’t see that one coming. Thought it might be an owl, but look at you Sam “I draw things with really thick cream” Last-name-I-can’t-remember … you blew my mind. And also my digestive track. That’s a lot of caffeine.


  3. mei says:

    seth! great to see you too! i am also still thinking about steak tartare. will have to go back there for more of that, and alternative cabaret, whatever that is.

    jess! i know, right? i thought it was someone’s ass, actually. his next installment should be pornographic latte art, which would be immensely entertaining.

  4. lex says:

    Amazing. The rabbit was a little weak after the MASTERPIECE that was the pig. I mean, seriously. I thought maybe pig, but then, UN-thought pig when it was getting all complicated like and then BAM, it WAS a pig.
    My head just exploded.
    I think I have to order Chinese food. I was really really going to cook, but then I spent an hour watching movie trailers on Apple (the FAME remake makes me think of you). And then latte farm art. And so… Someone else will cook. And then deliver me some delicious in the rain. Sigh. It is good to live in 2009.
    I miss you miss you miss you. When are you coming home to play? Or when do I come to London. Hmm. This could almost be an email. But no.

  5. Aron says:

    My gosh, now when will four barrel start pouring moose?

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