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sustainability 2.0: virgance, GO media, and my post for eat.drink.better

there are all types of exciting things going on in the world of technology and activism these days. my friend, former go game co-worker, and all-around awesome guy, brent schulkin, co-founded a company called virgance. virgance is a fascinating and truly one-of-a-kind ‘activism 2.0′ company that works on a number of projects harnessing the power of social networking for the collective good including carrotmob, 1BOG, and as of  this week, green options media.

GO media is a green blog network covering sustainability in topics like business and technology, news and opinion, and family and lifestyle. one of their lifestyle blogs is a sustainable food blog called eat.drink.better, and i’m going to write for them! i’m not sure how often i’ll be able to post since i’m scrambling to start an international business and write this blog, but it should be a lot of fun. check out my first post on farmers market meat here.

for my friends back in SF, go to the Virgance/GO Media/GOOD magazine (i’m obsessed with them too) party at 111 minna tonight! the go game is running a game there and it should be awesome. i’ll be across the country, jealous. click the image below for more details. don’t have too much fun without me…


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