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nyc food tour, part one: the union square greenmarket served up family styles

i just spent a fantastic weekend eating my way through the fantastic food paradise of new york city with my sister irene (recently somewhat MIA co-blogger) and cousin lexi (maybe sometime guest blogger).  in the family spirit of this blog, irene bean,  lexi and i are going to do a couple of joint posts on our nyc food tour.

stop one: bean and i kicked things off by exploring the hustle and the bustle of the union square greenmarket. here are some photos and random comments from our adventure.

mei: one of my favorite things to do is wander around farmers markets for hours while sampling food, ogling tasty looking displays, and meeting and chatting with the cool people who locally raise/grow/bake/create deliciousness.  also, farmers markets are generally very aesthetically pleasing. yes, there are quite often cute farmer boys, but also so many beautiful colorful flowers. we’ll start with those:


mei: back to food now. here irene, aka vanna white, showcases the tart and creamy honey lemon drinkable yogurt from donnybrook farms you will win if you correctly guess the answer to the wheel of fortune puzzle:


irene: probiotic goodness can turn anyone into vanna white. grow that good fungus, dude!

mei: farmers markets bring such joy! check out the girl on the left and the ecstasy she is experiencing as she purchases fungicide-free items to put in her belly:


irene: i think i can relate to her in many ways, namely, that i feel equally smug and gleeful when purchasing tasty greens.

mei: the variety of items for sale at the greenmarket is stunning. you can buy  food that has been picked, harvested, slaughtered, jarred, fermented, grown, and baked into pies, just to name a few. i see you ginger carrots and jalapeno cheddar.


irene: just want to note that one of my favorite parts of going to farmer’s markets is feasting my eyes on the sweet, unique graphics and handwritten signs advertising food and flora. the following sign is a little less glamorous than some of the most beautiful. but onward!

some eggs:


mei: mmm. they may not be backyard fresh, but i bet these eggs are crazy tasty. you’re probably thinking, WTF!? $10 for eggs? but think of how delicious and cruelty free they will be, and how many meals you can make with a dozen eggs.  when you think about protein bang-for-your-buck, as you probably do often, eggs are quite underpriced. these will probably be the best you’ll ever have, unless you own chickens, which i highly suggest you do at some point.

we also have a funny family worm story:


irene: we’ve had a compost unit in our backyard for quite some time. you know, one of those black plastic garbage can sort of things? anyway, we started out just composting leaves and yard trimmings, but eventually began to keep a small bucket on the kitchen counter for eggshells, veggie and fruit bits, and so on, and our composting prowess and prestige grew in leaps and bounds every day. the greatest leap/bound, however, came when mom got off a plane from san francisco with a box full of specialty composting worms for us to stir into our organic witch’s brew. take that as you will.



mei: one of the best things about farmers markets on the east coast is the high probability there will be cider. yum. in addition, where there is cider, there is also a possibility of apple cider donuts. me likey donuts. i prefer my forecasts cider with a chance of donuts.

irene: if anyone ever comes to see me in ithaca (unlikely, i know), there will be apple-picking and fresh cider donuts galore!

mei: here irene is getting FIERCE with a carrot. this is not your average shiny skinny supermarket carrot, this carrot is a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!!!


irene: that carrot was wild. my expression surely is a combination of fear, awe, vegetable superiority, and delicious-soup-fantasy.

lastly, and bestly, we are met by cousin lexi and roommate jenny!!! the familystyles food tour can now truly begin:


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  1. lexitron says: April 13, 2009

    whoah my pants are not THAT psychedelic. dizzy – collapse.


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