austin photo album: cupcake trailers and bacon wrapped chopped steak

i’m heading to austin tomorrow! we’re going to rock sxsw interactive with our kickass running with sxswissors game, a high school themed online and interactive game filled with senior pranks, sexy schoolgirls, passin’ notes, a party overflowing with alcohol, and a tricked out RV with karaoke and a red carpet.  i’ve packed my wigs, my wizard costume from the foxy lady boutique on mission st, some schoolgirl paraphernalia, 36 cartoon lunch boxes, 30 cameras, and of course my trusty orange jumpsuit.

besides all the crazy shenanigans the go game plans to stir up, what i am excited for? austin’s food scene. they have a bunch of exciting food events at sxsw, like ‘delicious tech for localism: sustainable food 2.0′ and ‘nom nom nom: secrets of successful food blogging.’ plus, they have great quirky local restaurants and markets and even a cupcake trailer. oh yes. heart explosions of sugary happiness. in case you’d like to peruse the austin awesomeness (ausomeness?), i took these photos last year during a three hour period in austin between the strip mall purgatory of college station and my flight back to sf.


the only possible thing that could suck about an airstream trailer selling cupcakes is that they did not foresee that i would be in austin on a day they are normally closed and stay open for me. and give me free cupcakes. other than that, hey cupcake is ah-dor-ab-lé.

here we have the coolest candy shop of all time – the big top candy shop. it’s chock full of nuts! and chocolates! and jelly beans! and a soda fountain! and assorted intruiging vintage items! and people with moustaches!


check out the wall of oh-so-sweet-impending-cavity-and-increased-dental-billage:


they’ve got a gorgeous farm-to-market grocery. soon after taking this photo i became the proud owner of this apron and a bottle of tangerine ginger agave nectar:


they also sell lovely flowers. that yellow flower is so beautiful, it looks like it’s not real. does that even make sense? it looks like it is made out of fondant sugar and belongs on top of a wedding cake. i kind of want to put it in my mouth.


i am excited to try amy’s ice cream. something about their cartoons tells me their ice cream will be mighty tasty:


a hypothesis confirmed by their amazing list of flavors:


mmmmmm. p.b. & honey. mmmm. tequila sunrise.

and finally…we might be in austin, but it’s still texas, people. don’t mess with them and their meat products. can vegetarians even survive in this state? why would you want to when you can buy 125 lbs of deer meat AND bacon wrapped chopped steak? i’m a little frightened to know what ‘caping of deer’ is.


austin, i’m coming for you and your delicious. see you tomorrow!

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  1. As a UK-based Fondant Icing fan, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other cake decorating posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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